Private, 21st Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

The history of the American Civil War has fascinated me since I was ten years old, when I first saw the historical epic Gettysburg, and was consumed by the power of the story of America’s bloodiest battle. Since then, I have endeavored to study as much as possible about the men, places and events where our greatest conflict was fought. In 2004, I joined the world of Civil War reenacting, joining the 49th North Carolina Troops/21st Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, and getting the opportunity to join other like-minded men and women in recreating the events of that period, so that others may see how these battles were fought, and how the soldiers and civilians lived during this time. But it wasn’t until 2010 that I discovered that an ancestor of mine, Elijah W. Marlow, had indeed fought in the 49th from 1862-1865.

I am currently attending American Public University, working toward a Master’s Degree in United States History. I’m also an amateur actor, performing on stage in community theater from time to time. This has also given me an interest in being a playwright. I have two plays finished, with another possibly on the way.

Civil War Diary came out of an interest in sharing the more interesting stories of the American Civil War. Although I intend to cover the battles, strategies and people, I also plan to look at more minute aspects of the conflict, from the daily life of the soldier, to minor engagements, and so on. I will also write about reenactments that I attend, and historic sites that I will be visiting over the next several years. I will also review historical works and films from time to time, and will cover those that are in the works.

So, welcome to Civil War Diary! Hope that you enjoy your time here. God bless!


Steven Hancock

4 responses to “INTRODUCTION

  1. just stop by while researching my ancestor, Robert Franklin Henderson, and his family (brother, brothers-in-law and nephews) that served in Co H, 49th NC, the Gaston Rangers.

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