CIVIL WAR GAMING: Possible Return of PC Game “Civil War General” in the Works!

The first article in our newest section, Civil War Gaming, which will look at past, current, and up and coming games inspired by the American Civil War. The first is a look at a game currently in development, and how you can help get it made.

The original game

The Original Game

Back in 1996, I was walking around our local Best Buy store when I came across a game called Robert E. Lee: Civil War General. I didn’t know much about the game, but being an avid student of the American Civil War (Even at the age of 12), I was very intrigued by the idea of a Civil War Strategy game. And since I had enough from my allowance to get it, I purchased it. Turned out, it was a great buy! Although I did not get to play it much (My Dad hogged the game from me! He was more addicted to it than I was, LOL!), I thoroughly enjoyed playing these great Civil War battles, and trying my best to defeat the enemy (Which I rarely did).

The game became a classic for us, and as it turned out, for many others as well. The game was the best-selling Civil War Strategy Game of that year. Two years later, the sequel to that game, Civil War Generals 2: Grant, Lee, Sherman, was released, and was even more fun than the original, encompassing even more battles and scenarios than the previous one. Like its predecessor, CWG2 was the bestselling Civil War Game of 1998. Since that time, many have hoped that a third game in the series would be released. Now, it looks like that may become a reality, as a group of people are working to develop the long-awaited game. But first, the game makers need to raise the funding to get the game made. And this is where you can help!

The game, simply titled Civil War General, is currently in development by Jean Marciniak. It will feature all of the elements that made the first two games in the series so popular. However, the new game will feature cool and exciting new campaign elements, such as initiating political policies, engaging in diplomacy, using railroads, and conquering cities, and cutting off an enemies’ line of supply. The designers hope to have the game out in 2014, and available on PC, Mac and iPad. But first, the designers need to raise the budget for the game. And to do so, they are turning to Kickstarter for help.

The developers are hoping to raise $100,000 through the campaign. This will allow them to get the game created, and released to the general public. By doing this through Kickstarter, all the money raised will be done so through private contributions. For those who donate to the project, there will be great incentives for donating at various levels. But time is running out, and the developers need to raise the $100,000 needed within the next 37 days!

For more information on this project, visit the Official Kickstarter Page for Civil War General. Please consider contributing to the Kickstarter Campaign, and helping to get this long-awaited sequel created!

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